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Graphene based concrete modifier

Because most of the damage in concrete can be attributed with chemical and mechanical defects in the cement structure, the changing approach to improving the mechanical properties of concrete and providing new material functionality requires nanoscale intervention. Outstanding chemical and physical properties of nanomaterials provide the most effective improvement in the internal matrix of concrete.

Graphene Institute has developed and offers for sale its new innovative development – graphene based modifier for concrete.

Graphene is like an “amazing is near”. It is a two-dimensional modification of carbon, or rather, one of the carbon structures shaped as monolayer of carbon atoms connected in a two-dimensional crystal lattice.

One of the main attractions of graphene is that its addition to almost any material gives the latter absolutely fantastic properties which did not previously exist, including strength, durability and resistance to external influences. Graphene, as a hardening additive in only a fraction of a percent, is able to radically change the basic properties of all known base materials (metals, cement, ceramics, polymers, paints, coatings, glass, etc.)

The proposed IG-GCM concrete modifier allows to provide the variety of important advantages for concrete such as technical, technological and economic, and unprecedently improve several of its properties if compared to the standard ones. Thus, concrete with the addition of graphene-based modifier demonstrates the following outstanding properties:

– up to 50% increase in strength;

– several times reduction of time required for hardening fresh concrete;

– considerable decrease (not less than 200%) of water permeability;

– increased adhesion and fluidity;

– reduction of cement consumption.

Such concrete has no competitors for the construction and repair of dams, construction in areas prone to flooding, installation of foundations for power lines and for wind power plants.

By adding graphene-based modifier IG-GCM to the concrete we, along with providing the above-mentioned properties, can actually reduce the content of cement in concrete, and thereby, as a result, reduce the price per cubic meter of concrete.

Graphene nanoparticles contribute to the creation of a fine granular structure of concrete, blocking microcracks, and, consequently, moisture and other contaminants, increase packing density, which, in turn, increases the flexural strength of concrete, reduces weight loss from corrosion, and increases impact resistance.

Concrete modifier IG-GCM helps to reduce cement content of the concrete, thereby reducing overall cost of the structure.

Modifier IG-GCM is usually supplied in ready-made form and can be added to the concrete directly at the construction site. Our production capacity today allows to produce several thousand liters of modifier per month, and at a low price. For large orders, the Institute is ready to offer modifier in the form of a concentrate (graphene paste).

The technology of production of graphene-based modifier is highly efficient and environmentally friendly. It doesn’t assume the use of any chemicals in our production: only water and graphite.

ParametersGraphene filler 0,5%
Graphene purity> 94%
Defects densityLow
Number of layers3-7
Content of Sp2> 82%
Thickness of graphene flakes (plates)2-3 nm
Lateral sizeto 80 μm
Electrical conductivity
Thermal conductivity
Optical transparency, %Nontransparent
True density1,4–1,5 g/cm3
Content of hybridized carbon
ColourDark grey
Market prices$12 – $16/L
Our price $$8\4L

Note: The modifier is applied at the rate of 4 liters per 1 m3 of concrete (or 4 liters per 200 kg of cement).

Notes on market prices:

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