Graphene Institute


ParametersGraphene+water (50-50) IG-GP-50/50Graphene+water (30-70) IG-GP-30/70
Graphene purity> 94%> 94%
Defects densityLowLow
Number of layers3-73-9
Content of Sp2> 82%> 82%
Thickness of graphene flakes (plates)2-3 nm2-3 nm
Lateral sizeto 80 μmto 40 μm
Electrical conductivity
Thermal conductivity
Optical transparency, %NontransparentNontransparent
True density1,4–1,5 g/cm31,23–1,28 g/cm3
Content of hybridized carbon
ColourDark greyDark grey
Market prices$3,20 – $5,80/g$3,20 – $5,80/g
Our price$2.50/g$1.50/g

Notes on market prices:

Manufacturer/SellerTimesnano, Chinese Academy of ScienceGraphene
Price$145.00/25g ($5,8/g)$125.00-$135.00/25g$80.00-$130.00/25g$110.00-$150.00/25g$120.00-$170.00/25g