Graphene Institute

Energy and resource-saving technologies

Electrically conductive paints. Graphene containing adhesives

The impressive results have been obtained by Graphene Institute in creating electrically conductive graphene-filled paints, which make it possible to create highly efficient energy-saving (up to 30% and more energy savings) heating wall panels, “warm floors”, adhesives with graphene additives, which make it possible to significantly intensify heat removal in various electronic devices.

Graphene nanofluids

The use of graphene nanofluids in various areas of human activity, for example, in heating systems, allows at least 50% savings in gas or electricity consumption. Addition of graphene to liquid heat carrier (water, various oils) noticeably increases the intensity of heat exchange inside the heat exchanger (for example, heating batteries in the housing and communal services system), and, consequently, the heat transfer to its inner surface.

Graphene Institute invites organizations which are able and willing to finance R&D in the above areas, to combine efforts to enter the relevant markets, for example, the housing and communal services system.