Graphene Institute

Graphene oxide (powder, flakes, paste, solution)

We produce graphene nanoplates and nanoflakes from oxidized graphene in two categories (see table 3). Drying of graphene oxide powders from aqueous or other solutions is carried out by vacuum sublimation drying methods with special control of heating and cooling.

Raman spectrum of pure (defect-free) graphene (Gr) and oxidized graphene (GO)
Oxidized graphene (GO)

Table 3

ParametersGraphene flakes №1
Graphene flakes №2
Graphene flakes №3
Graphene purity> 99,4%> 98%> 97%Batch control
Defects densityLowLowLowPrimary control
Number of layers3 – 73 – 94 – 9Batch control
Content of Sp2> 91%> 90%> 90%Batch control
Thickness of graphene flakes (plates)1,5-3 nm2-3 nm3-4 nm
Lateral sizeto 100 μmto 50 μmto 30 μm
Electrical conductivity(6-8)·105 Ohm/m(2-5)·105 Ohm/m(8-9)·104 Ohm/m
Thermal conductivity2500-3400 W/m·К1800-2900 W/m·К1400-2600 W/m·К
Optical transparency, %959493
True density1,9–2,2 g/cm31,9–2,2 g/cm31,9–2,2 g/cm3Bulk density
Content of hybridized carbon> 95%> 94%> 93%Primary control
ColourPractically blackPractically blackPractically black