Graphene Institute

Graphene paste

We produce pastes of graphene and graphene oxide of high concentration in a passive solvent (for example, in distilled water) in three categories (see table 4). Concentration of graphene flakes and oxidized graphene flakes can be: 30% (graphene) + 70% (water), 50% (graphene) + 50% (water), 70% (graphene) + 30% (water). Parameters of such graphene pastes are presented in the Table. It is used for various applications, including: modified additives (additives) to various materials (construction, structural, etc.), creation of thermal interface pastes (for example, based on polymer-graphene thermal interfaces), as semi-liquid lubricants, for creating polymer-graphene heaters, etc.

Table 4

ParametersGraphene-water (50-50)
Graphene-water (30-70)
Graphene oxide – water (50-50)
Graphene purity> 94%> 94%> 91%Batch control
Defects densityLowLowLowPrimary control
Number of layers3 – 73 – 94 – 9Batch control
Content of Sp2> 82%> 82%Batch control
Thickness of graphene flakes (plates)2-3 nm2-3 nm3-4 nm
Lateral sizeto 80 μmto 40 μmto 30 μm
Electrical conductivity
Thermal conductivity
Optical transparencyNontransparentNontransparentNontransparent
True density1,4–1,5 g/cm31,23–1,28 g/cm31,4–1,5 g/cm3Bulk density
Content of hybridized carbonPrimary control
ColourDark greyDark greyDark grey