Graphene Institute

Hybrid nanocomposites

We produce graphene nanocomposites (based on graphene nanoflakes and polymers – epoxy resin, acrylic, PDMS, polyurethane and others) and hybrid graphene nanocomposites (metal microparticles; liquid metals; metal, ceramic and organic nanoparticles absorbed on graphene nanoflakes.

Metal microspheres coated with a thin layer of graphene flakes
Scanning electronic photograph (left) of microspheres covered with graphene flakes before processing and the view of graphene flakes on the surface
Scheme of coating metal microspheres with graphene flakes (left) and general view of microspheres after processing (right)
General view of samples of tablets of hybrid nanocomposites based on graphene flakes, microspheres and epoxy resin (polymer)
Aggregations of gold nanoparticles on the surface of graphene flakes
Metallic microspheres coated with graphene flakes (microspheres without graphene – on the left, 3% GNF – in the center, 12% GNF – on the right)
Scanning electron microscopy of hybrid graphene nanocomposite samples