Graphene Institute

Thermal interface materials

We produce thermal interface materials (TIM) based on graphene nanocomposites (based on graphene nanoflakes and polymers – epoxy resin, acrylic, PDMS, polyurethane and others) and hybrid graphene nanocomposites (metal microparticles, liquid metals, metal, ceramic and organic nanoparticles absorbed on graphene nanoflakes) (see table 6). The table shows TIM options with basic characteristics that are offered for purchase.

Graphene thermal paste (30% of graphene by volume) and processor with graphene thermal paste applied.

Table 6

ParametersGraphene (10%) + epoxy resinGraphene (20%) + epoxy resinGraphene (30%) + epoxy resinGraphene (30%) + epoxy resin + metallic monospheresComments
Graphene purity> 94%> 94%> 91%> 91%Batch control
Defects densityLowLowLowLowPrimary control
Number of layers3 – 73 – 94 – 94 – 9Batch control
Content of Sp2> 82%> 82%Batch control
Thickness of graphene flakes (plates)2-3 nm2-3 nm3-4 nm3-4 nm
Lateral sizeto 50 μmto 30 μmto 60 μmto 60 μm
Electrical conductivity(102-103) Ohm/m(103-104) Ohm/m(103-104) Ohm/m(103-104) Ohm/m
Thermal conductivity3,4-3,6 W/m·К4,2-4,6 W/m·К4,8-5,2 W/m·К5,8-6,6 W/m·К
Optical transparencyNontransparentNontransparentNontransparentNontransparent
True density1,4–1,5g/cm31,23–1,28 g/cm31,4–1,5 g/cm3
Content of hybridized carbon0,2-5%0,2-5%0,2-5%0,5-5%Primary control